There are various different gametypes that are implemented in the multiplayer version of Call of Duty 1. The most played at this date are: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Search & Destroy. The last is the one most clans play on when they challenge eachother in a scrim..

List of default gametypes in Call of Duty MP:Edit

Behind Enemy Lines (BEL)

In Behind Enemy Lines a random player will be chosen to join the Allies. This player will be outnumbered by the Axis players and its location will appear on the compass. You score points by surviving for as long as possible while you are being chased by the Axis soldiers. When you get killed, your killer will switch places with you and gets a chance to ramp up points. Knowing the map and its chokepoints, aswell as a good weaponskill can improve your rating greatly!

Deathmatch (DM)

Classic gametype in which everyone is playing against everyone. Quick, rampant and without remorse you'll spawn behind, in front, or far away from any possible enemies. Try to get as many points before the time runs out, or when you reach the score limit.

Headquarters (HQ)

Allies play versus Axis on this gametype that requires you to capture objectives that are noted on your compass in the left bottom section of your screen. When the pictogram on your compass is a questionmark, anyone can still capture it. When it's captured, the opposite team can destroy it by killing every member of the team that has capured the spot and destroy their headquarter. After a short delay a new location will spawn which can be captured by one of the teams. Goal is to get to the score limit, or gain as much points as you can with your team before time runs out.

Retrieval (RET)

Gametype in which Allied and Axis forces battle against each other. Delicate files or other intel must be retrieved by one of the teams and be brought back to their spawning area. The other team has the task of defending the objective, or killing the person that has got the intel and bring it back to base. Gametype that has been hardly played since it came out since camping strategies were too effective and Search and Destroy proved to be more interesting to most players.

Search and Destroy (S&D)

Team Deathmatch (TDM)

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